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Healthcare Software

ADL Data Systems, Inc.

Data processing solutions for healthcare providers.
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Brittons Wise Computers

Focus is towards veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, pet-related information, and publicizing our clients products/services.
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Responsible for the marketing and production of NOAH in North America and for assisting member companies in supporting North American NOAH users.
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Insight Healthcare Information Systems

Offers radiology, mammography healthcare and patient management software.
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Network Infrastructure Technology Health is a technology service provider, creating quality networking and software solutions for the health care industry.
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Designer and manufacturer of automated supply and pharmacy systems for healthcare institutions.
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Practice Velocity Urgent Care Solutions

Offers practice management software, directory of urgent care clinics, online patient appointments, and electronic medical records (EMR) for urgent care centers.
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Source Medical

Providing solutions for ambulatory surgery centers, rehabilitation therapy clinics, surgical hospitals, diagnostic imaging facilities, and physician practices.
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Application service provider for the educational, public and private healthcare.
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