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Mental Health

All About Life Challenges

Offering articles for coping with emotional, mental, and physical challenges from a Christian perspective. From All About God Ministries.
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Internet Mental Health

Online encyclopedia of articles on mental disorders, treatment, medications, and research.
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Mental Health Services Conference

Annual symposium for mental health professionals to discuss their practices and experience.
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Mental Illness Education Project

MIEP offers books and videos on mental illness.
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NexusEQ Emotional Intelligence Conferences

Focused on sharing practices in emotional intelligence for business, education, and health.
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Pope, Ken PhD

Abstracts and articles; tables of research data; announcements; and resources for therapists and counselors, including training, ethics, malpractice, sex abuse, psychological science, forensic assessment.
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Training Institute for Mental Health

Offers advanced psychotherapy training and intensive therapy for individuals and groups.
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EU-funded project answering peoples questions about psychology, mental health, and relationships.
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