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AmSky Magazine

Gathers together news and articles from astronomy club newsletters.
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Astrochemistry Laboratory - NASA Ames Research Center

Studies extraterrestrial materials and are especially interested in the formation, distribution, and fate of organic compounds (comprised primarily of carbon, like those in living things).
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Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

Excellent site for those after the facts. In English and French. Includes the Extra-solar Planets Catalog.
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International Heliophysical Year (IHY) 2007

Working to advance our understanding of the heliophysical processes which govern the Suns influence on Earth.
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Sea and Sky

Explore the splendors of the sea and the wonders of the universe through information, images, sounds, links, and interactive games.
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Spaceweather PHONE

An astronomy alert service that will give you a ring when auroras appear, spacecraft pass over head, planets align, and other celestial events occur.
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Ultra-wide angle photometric survey of bright stars designed to detect planetary transits and track Near-Earth Objects and optical transients.
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The Astronomer

British magazine for advanced amateur astronomers.
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The Shallow Sky

For those dedicated to observing the solar system: our moon, the planets, their moons, comets, asteroids, and the sun.
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XXVIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)

XXVIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic; August 14-25, 2006.
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